Do you know about Youtube Shorts. What are YouTube Shorts?

What are YouTube Shorts?

Shorts is a new short-form video experience on Youtube for creators and artists who want to shoot short videos using their mobile phones. It is a rival to TikTok, an Indian Banned Chinese application. It was launched in India in September last year a beta version and now today (18.03.2021) after the successful testing in India it is launched in the US.

Youtube shorts

This feature connect anyone with a new audience with just a smartphone and the Shorts camera in the Youtube app. Youtube’s Shorts creation tool makes it easy to create videos like TikTok app that are up to 15 seconds long.

Shorts includes the following features.

  1. Music and Sound: Add a song or use other audio to create your own Short.
Youtube Shorts Add video
Add Video

Add Music/Audio
Add Music/ Audio

2. Text: Add text after recording a Short and use.

Add Text
Add Text

3. Timeline: to control when it appears and disappears.


4. Speed: Choose to accelerate or slow down the recording.

Adjust Speed
Adjust Speed

5. Timer: Set the countdown to record hands-free and choose when to automatically stop recording.


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