Why Twitter is the most used Social Media among celebrities

Why Twitter is the most used Social Media among celebrities ?

Why Twitter is the most used Social Media among celebrities? Twitter, an American social networking service and microblogging on which users post and interact with messages known as Tweets. Registered users can post, like, and retweet tweets, but unregistered users can only read them.

Why Twitter is the most used Social Media among celebrities

Twitter & Celebrity

There is no doubt, no single traditional marketing vehicle that is able a celebrity to reach such a wide audience. Twitter creates a unique opportunity for public figures to build their brands and gives them more control over their brand messaging. Twitter helps followers to draw attention through the use of the hashtag to bring important pieces of the message out and allows followers to show their loyalty towards ‘Stars’, as follows a celebrity shows commitment. In fact, celebrities have been able to successfully use Twitter to maintain their brands and draw fans than ordinary people.

Twitter Interface

Twitter gives ‘Bigshots’ a virtual space to connect with their fans, with the fans becoming heavily invested and loyal. Followers get a chance to see that celebrities are actual people and relatable by getting a glimpse into their personal lives, making them closer than ever before. Twitter build an emotional relationship between a celebrity and his followers.
People define brands by their emotional connections and how the brands make them feel.

Twitter Celebrities

Twitter accounts maintain a brand image. For those who monitor their own accounts, they get perfect chances to address gossips and rumours and defend themselves against such unwanted criticisms directly. There is no surprise that celebrity gossips sell, but Twitter gives them the chance to get their truth out quickly and to the point.

Staying relevant

A celebrity career is not easy and it is very important for them to maintain their spotlight and stay relevant with their followers or fans. From tweeting about latest trends in fashion or to show their present look by posting selfies, celebrities build buzz around themselves.

Twitter gives celebrities an opportunity to get fan feedback than any other social media with a timely effect. Time is something more important and this timeliness is also a reason for public figures prefer using Twitter over other social media sites. One way is through live tweeting, which has become popular for actors and singers to do while they are being live.


As a conclusion, Twitter has provided two facilities to its high-profile users- Verified Account and Encouragement. The first that is the verified account give more trust and credibility to the user. Secondly, Twitter attempts to work with celebrity, encourage them to make use of Twitter in their advertising and publicity campaigns, encouraging them to use Twitter in their promotional campaigns, and providing support and analysis services to determine what was done. Because of all these features and the reasons the ‘shinning stars’ used Twitter to a greater extend than any other social networks. Frankly, particular use of Twitter has become an important factor for both Twitter itself and for the Celebrity users.

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