How to do Trademark Search?

How to do Trademark Search?

Trademark registration is a familiar word to all entrepreneurs and business groups. If you want to start a business, definitely you need a name. You can choose any name for your brand. But if you want to register it legally you must search the possibility to get that name registered.

Trademark search is very simple. Just click on the link given below and do the following.

Click here to search Trademark

How to do Trademark Search ?
  1. After clicking the link you will enter in to a new window.
  2. Select search type ‘Word mark’
  3. Below that you will see a 2 column table; Key Word & Value
  4. In the first column there are three rows; wordmark, class and Goods Description. In which the first two are mandatory.
  5. There is a drop down box in column 2; value
  6. The drop down box contains 3 options
    • Start With
    • Contains
    • Match With
  7. Start With: This option will found out all ‘registered / applied for registration’ name, that starts with the name you gave in the column.
  8. Contains: This option will found out all ‘registered/ applied for registration’ name that contains the name you gave in the column.
  9. Match With: It gives you the exact match of your search
  10. Class: you can search by entering the class that your brand/business belongs to. You can search your names in different classes.

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