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Soukhya ayurveda hospital and wellness centre is a centre where hospitality meets traditional ayurvedic treatments with experienced experts. Soukhya ayurveda hospital and wellness centre, the best ayurveda hospital in kozhikode,kerala follows the approach of complete ayurvedic treatment which is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, rather than just the symptoms of a disease. I.e. we follow the “science of life” & not just a way of drug therapy. We all know that ‘ayurveda is the art and science of life’ .although there had been many innovations and additions to the practice of ayurveda subsequently, but principles of ayurveda remain the same. According to ayurveda acharya chakra “ verily, there is no limit to the scope of the science of life, therefore one must always be alert and receptive. Knowledge, even if it comes from rivals must be accepted with a free mind. In fact the whole world is a teacher for the wise and an enemy to the foolish.”Soukhya ayurveda hospital and wellness centre, the leading ayurveda hospital in Kozhikode,Kerala is here to heal your pains. We are imparting medical treatment even for the most difficult curable diseases through the methods of traditional ayurvedic and natural cure.

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