The history of Koyenco Group is intertwined with the life and accomplishments of its founder and chairman, Mr.P.P Koya. Over a long year career as an independent businessman, he served with distinction as entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Under his astute guidance and leadership, The Koyenco Group became both a leading diversified enterprise in Kerala. His values, hard work, determination, insatiable curiosity and unassailably scrupulous business practices, form the foundation on which The Koyenco Group stands.

We are experts in six areas – Tea Plantation, Cattle Feeds, Solvent Extraction, Edible Oil Processing, Automobiles and Charitable Trust. The Koyenco team is located at Calicut, Kerala. We provide new ways of thinking that enable our clients to achieve their desired business outcomes. The Company took to ship chandelling, establishing its presence at the global level, while continuing to broaden its activities on the home front.

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