What are they?

Centre of Skill Development Quality Control is an innovative institute powered by Nath Builders. They offer courses like QC in Concrete manufacturing Civil engineers.

Problems & Solutions


The Research Wing of Orexis found the following issues

    • No Logo
    • No website
    • Poor publicity
    • Lack of promotions
Proposed Solutions to overcome the situation
    • Attractive and simple website
    • Online and Offline SEO
    • Print media designs like brochures, business cards, notices etc.
    • Social media promotions

Work Strategy

First of all, we developed a logo with a tagline and created a website for them named  We successfully completed the SEO works for this website and attained the first top position in Google search results. Then we developed Social Media platforms and our Social Media experts spend hours with their pages and completed offline SEO works and started full swing social media promotions. Then we promoted the new course through the new website and social media pages.

What are the things we do for them?
    • Logo Design
    • Tagline
    • Domain registration
    • Website designing
    • Website development
    • SEO
    • Social media marketing
    • Print designs
    • Business strategy development


New batches started with full strength. And now each of them running successfully.