What are they?

Wayanad Organic Research Private Limited is a wellness, food brand in Kerala. They are the first manufacturer of Vacuum fried chips in South India. They approached us at the beginning stage.

Problems & Solutions


The Research and Development Team of Orexis found the following reasons for their non-profit

    • No logo
    • Not registered
    • No brands
    • No website
    • Lack of SEO
    • Poor publicity
    • Vacuum frying is a new technology
    • Lack of promotions
    • No packet designs
Proposed Solutions to overcome the situation
    • Logo designing with tagline
    • Company registration
    • Print designs
    • Packet designs
    • Attractive and Content rich website
    • Online and Offline SEO
    • Social media promotions

Work Strategy

After discussion, we will decide to create the Wayanadans brand under Wayanad Organic Private Limited. We created a logo for Wayanadans with a tagline. After creating an attractive website, we start campaigning to make a distribution network and we succeeded in that.  We generated more leads from Facebook regarding Exporting and distribution. Eye-catching packet designs and mockups made our promotions easy.

What are the things we do for them?
    • Logo and tagline
    • Company Registration
    • Trademark registration
    • Website development
    • SEO
    • Business strategy
    • Packet designs
    • Print media designs
    • Social media marketing
    • Awareness posts about the new technology
    • creative designs which elucidate the quality of products


Wayanadans is now exporting their products to Qatar. They are available in the whole Malabar districts of Kerala and some cities like Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, etc.