What are they?

RAYS, the sky is the limit, is a Medical/Engineering Entrance coaching centre with its centres functioning at Kozhikode and Kannur. They have the best results in entrance examinations and 15 years of experience in Medical Entrance Coaching.  

Problems & Solutions


The Research and analysis department of Orexis found the following issues

  • Lack of publicity and public awareness about their brilliant results
  • Unfinished website
  • Lack of SEO
  • Need to target other districts also
  • Lack of promotions
Proposed Solutions to overcome the situation
  • Attractive and Content rich website
  • Online and Offline SEO
  • Social media promotions
  • Creative designs and videos which elucidate the features of institution
  • Posters of previous results

Work Strategy

We redesigned their website www.rayseducation.org in an attractive and an SEO friendly way. We successfully completed the SEO works for this website and attained the first top position in Google search results within 3 months. Our Social Media fellows spend hours with their social media pages and generate more leads.
We create posters and videos of previous results, top rank holders feedbacks and suggestions etc. 
What are the things we do for them?
  • Social media marketing
  • Print designs
  • Business strategy development
  • Lead generations


No seats available Boards in all centres!!! Doubled the no of batches. Recently opened a new centre in the Capital city, Thiruvananthapuram. Promotions for new projects are also started.