Centre of Skill Development in Quality Control is an innovative institute powered by Nath Builders. They offer courses like QC in Concrete manufacturing for Civil engineers. We did/doing the following services for them.

Logo Designing

Logo type : Abstract Logo.

Colour : Brown (colour of land),

The logo elucidates the theme of construction and the shape explains the quality checking process of a construction.


Branding experts at Orexis develops a completely proven branding strategy for ‘COSDIQ’ and succeeded in that.

Website designing

Our expert technical team developed an attractive website that is fully packed with all essential information about the Centre of Skill Development in Quality Control and their courses.


Social Media Marketing

Our expert team developed a success strategy for COSDIQ and promoted through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Business Management

Experts from Orexis created a business management strategy for COSDIQ and we successfully maintain their admission processes .

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