What are they?

Maids on Demand is the professional provider of cleaning solutions located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They are the most secure and trustworthy maid service providers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Problems & Solutions


The Research Wing of Orexis found the following reasons for their profit lose

    • Lack of SEO
    • Poor publicity
    • Lack of target oriented promotions
    • Lack of social media promotions
    • Poor designs
Proposed Solutions to overcome the situation
    • Online and Offline SEO
    • Social media promotions
    • Lead generation campaigns
    • Creative designs and Captions

Work Strategy

We successfully completed the SEO works for the website and attained the first top position in Google search results. A creative graphic designer’s panel created numerous social media poster designs and captions. Our Social Media experts spend hours with their social media pages and target the relevant audiences.

What are the things we do for them?
    • Restructuring of social media pages
    • SEO
    • Social media marketing
    • Business strategy development
    • Lead generations
    • Country targeting campaigns


Tired of filling worksheets!. They become the busy maid service provider in Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi.