What are they?

Le cloud is an aviation academy in Kerala, located in Kozhikode. After their 2 years of service, they visit us to improve their business. After discussion, we concluded that we will develop some business strategies for them and we assure them that successful days are coming for them.


The Research Wing of Orexis found the following reasons for their non-profit

    • No proper website
    • Lack of SEO
    • Poor publicity
    • Unaware of courses
    • Lack of promotions
Proposed Solutions to overcome the situation
    • Attractive and Content rich website
    • Online and Offline SEO
    • Print media designs like brochures, business cards, notices etc.
    • Social media promotions
    • Awareness posts about the scope of aviation
    • creative designs which elucidate the quality of classes

Work Strategy

After discussion, we rebuild their website and did SEO for that website. We achieved the top position in Google search results. We created social media pages for them and start promotions through social media pages. We generated more leads from Facebook by giving awareness about the scope of their courses.

What are the things we do for them?
    • Website development
    • SEO
    • Business strategy
    • Social media marketing


By increasing the number of students from 2 to 80 they build their permanent space in the Aviation institute field.